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2016 Estimate of Giving

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Heart of Giving Checkup:

Align your life and your actions with Jesus.
Count Your Blessings.
Cultivate a Heart of Gratitude-Give Thanks in All Circumstances
Cultivate and Practice Generosity.

Some give freely yet grow all the richer, others withhold what is due and only suffer want, a generous person will be enriched, and one who gives water will get water;The people curse those who hold back grain, but a blessing is on the head of those who sell it. --Proverbs 22:24

Those who are generous are blessed, for they share their bread with the poor. --Proverbs 22:9

And God is able to provide you with every blessing in abundance, so that by always having enough of everything, you may share abundantly in every good work. 2 Corinthians 9:8


Extravagant Generosity-The Heart of Giving

God is a god of Extravagant Generosity and wants his children to be generous, too. Discover the Heart of Giving through giving financially and giving of yourself.  When you give, you participate in all the ministries of this congregation as well as those of the United Methodist Church around the world through our connectional giving. Place your gift in the offering plate during any worship service, drop it off in the church office, or utilize our e-Giving option.  Completing an Estimate of Giving card, available in the church office, allows us to include your intentional giving in our ministry planning.  When you give of your time, you experience the joy of seeing firsthand as God changes lives. Every member is expected to participate in serving in some way; guests and regular attenders are invited to join us in serving the Lord. Completing a Service Survey, also available in the church office, will help us connect your interests with our current opportunities.  

Extravagant Generosity-Heart of Giving Estimate of Giving Card
Extravagant Generosity-Heart of Giving Ministry Brochure

What I mean is this: the one who sows a small number of seeds will also reap a small crop, and the one who sows a generous amount of seeds will also reap a generous crop.” 2 Corinthians 9:6.

Thank you for sharing your love for each other and the church through The Heart of Giving Cards. Here are some of the thoughts of people of Gadsden First UMC.

Things I Love About My Church...

—the love of God seen in the warm hearts and smiles of the people.

—the people giving love away to those around us.

—I love coming to church here.  It is part of my extended family.  We have wonderful fellowship, music, and missions that outreach to the community!

—There are so many different ways or opportunities to serve our community and give back.

—I feel that the message that Harvey or Tammy bring every Sunday is for me.  That is a great feeling and very important.  Also our children love coming and want to come to church.

—My two inspiring pastors, Harvey and Tammy, the warmth and friendship of its parishioners, Benny’s awesome playing of the organ.  I feel God’s love when I’m here in my church.

—The inspiring service, the people, the beautiful sanctuary, the love that is felt, the dedicated staff and membership.

—Not only do the adults get to give back, the teenagers of the church do as well.  The people here are real Christians and always make you feel welcome.

--No matter who you are here, you are not judged or put down for your past beliefs or past wrong doings. Every sermon makes you realize just how much God loves you and wants to have a relationship with you. 

--The beautiful music, the wonderful organ which Benny McNair plays so well, the sanctuary, the opportunity to participate in a small group study-I love that the church wants me to grow spiritually

--The friendliness of the people, the wonderful ministers-Tammy and Harvey, the beautiful sanctuary and windows, the spirit of God felt in the music and the Christ-centered activities

--I feel the presence of God when I am here.

--Gadsden 1st has served as a safe haven in which I have been able to recover after my husband’s death.  The members have been very supportive during this time.

--The fellowship! The emphasis on prayer and worship! The outreach! The music! The blessings of great sermons! Small groups!

--Staff, youth, Trailblazers, children, other Sunday school classes, Wednesday nights, volunteers, Christmas Eve Service, Easter Egg Hunt, Fall Fest, Clothes Closet, Soup Kitchen, Youth and Children’s Service Week, Confirmation.  All of the wonderful friends that my family has made from church over the years!

People who have made a difference in my spiritual life...

--Eric Wright, Bob Blount, Steve Means, Andy Powel, Collins Tackaberry, Bob Hammonds, & The Men at the Well

--Bather Bill Gahagan, Sister Mary Yvette

--Rev. Clark Pope, Rev. George Creel, Rev. Terry Greer, Dink Taylor, Dayna Condra Parker

--Ken and Peggy Casey, Charlotte Rutland, Elton Beasley, Tammy Jackson, Choir, Circle, Church Family

--My mom, Joyce Strickland, Hazel Oliver, Lynn Mathis, Charlotte Rutland-my prayer warrior

--DeLeath Rives, Anna Mullin, Dr. Chip Griffith, John Rutland and Ginger, Elton Beasley

--Andy Yarnell-he has always made Wednesday and Sundays welcoming and something I look forward to.  It’s a place I’m not judged and always feel like I’m welcome.

--Ms. Beth & Mrs. Gail, my Sunday school teachers, friends at church

--My mom has made a major difference in my spiritual life…every question or troublesome situation that I happen to encounter, my mom is there for me.  For her, I am eternally grateful.

Visions and Hopes for My Church…

--My hope is that we continue honoring our mission statement of changing lives by sharing Christ, making disciples, serving people, and giving hope.

--to reach out to others, to have folks make a decision to follow Christ

--Hope-to be able to give more to God & FUMC (time, tithe, everything) Vision-to keep my family in this church and under God’s command Hope & Vision-that I can witness more and bring more people to our church, that my children will do the same and bring more of their friends and family to our church.

--Hope we will always reach out to those that need our help and might be the least of these.  Expand Soup Kitchen days, open Clothes Closet more days, and grow our congregation.

--Continue to offer diverse worship experiences and expand offerings to attract more in our community to our church fellowship and to Christ.

Memorials and Honorariums may be given to the church.
Contact Jane in the church office for more information.


Contribution and Financial News


          To ensure your church contributions are tax deductible, do not file your 2016 income tax return until you have received a written acknowledgment (statement) of your contributions from the church. Some of your contributions may not be tax deductible if you file your tax return before receiving this.

♦        The contribution statements for the year 2016 will be mailed to you by the end of January. Please try to look over them when they come, in case there is an error that needs to be corrected. Contact Jane Newman at the church office if you have questions or concerns.

       The IRS says all contributions, no matter the amount, must have a bank record or written acknowledgment from the charity other than your personal records. If you write a check, that will be proof, but the $250 rule will still apply. If you give cash, please put it in an envelope with your name on it if you want to get contribution credit for it. Otherwise you will have no way to prove, for tax purposes, that you made a donation.



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